Friday, 24 October 2014

Cash Gate Arrest Madness

It has begun I mean the arrests, happen to have a sneak preview of the list boy oh boy it is such a shame that some thought they were untouchables. It is a shame that people in their right mind could be siphoning money meant for the poor masses. Well! nothing personal but if your hand was caught in the cookie jar then face the consequences.

Of-course innocent until proven guilty but you know some are guilty way before it all begin. But for interest of justice let us presume them innocent. Malawian lawyers finally the law is catching up with you. Most of Malawian lawyers are a disgrace as bad as the politicians.

I hope the justice system will work to the full and produce something credible.It is an opeatn secret that the justice system is very corrupt no everyone but most. The big cats get away with murder or their cases drug on forever. You know what they say you can fool some people sometime but you can't fool the people all the time.

What ever actions we do have consequences so it is time to face the consequences. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Transform Our City Councils

Now that all the mayors have now been selected and are in place let the cities be transformed. It is sad to note that a lot of services in these cities leaves a lot to be desired. The road network in towns like Lilongwe needs improvements. Public toilets are almost not there the ones that are there are few and they are not public anymore for they are run by private owners.

Ofcourse how it came to that arrangement I am not sure. But I bet one the reasons for turning the toilets into private was lack of care. We have to come to a point where we love our country that we should work our butts off to make sure we have decent services.

Even the markets people are being charged for selling things in the markets yet the city officials can barely clean and tidy the markets. the have been reports of vendors refusing to pay market fees noting that their environment is not habitable.

Even if you go around the city of Lilongwe the street lights are barely working in most areas. Obviously someone knows something in the councils. Hopefully now with the mayors in place we may have to see what they will do to change this situations.

In Lilongwe there is the council rest house which is very close to the bus depot and an ideal place for commuters to rest and now several years gone still not in operation. For a city council that is cash strapped it amazes me how they are just sitting on a thing that could be bringing money. Even town hall itself needs massive renovations.

To the new mayors I hope you will look into some of these issues and to those whom I have not mentioned problems in your cities or towns look around and you will see. Let us make Malawi a good and clean nation.
Let  the changes being made in the civil service also take place in the towns and cities.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Malawi Elections

I had Chakwera as the next Malawi leader but I see GOD giving the country to the church instead. The next leader will shock Malawi very unexpected. Wow! that's all I can say wait and see but do not be anxious for nothing GOD is firmly in control.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

I Still Maintain Chakwera Is My Guy

Well Well the fact says unofficial results say Peter Muthalika has carried the day. The word of GOD on the other hand says his finger has pointed on Chakwera. Uuuuummm if it was you what will you do eeeh! For me simple I will stick to what GOD said Chakwera to carry the day. GOD is not a man to lie nor is he a son of man to change his mind shall He say and not do it does he promise and not fulfill. When JESUS was told that Lazarus was sick he said his sickness is not to death yet Lazarus went ahead and died. Fact was Lazarus died but truth was his sickness was not to death. Fact changes with time while truth does not. The truth said Lazarus sickness was not to death and he was resurrected at the end of the forth day. By the end of the fourth day fact changed Lazarus was alive but the truth remained he had life. Let us wait and see what happens Let GOD be true and everyman a liar

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

D day!!!!! Its Chakwera...

Its on and its on indeed. All you feeling lazy I urge you go vote. it is our time to exercise our right lets chose our leaders wisely. I say ask GOD and he will lead you. As for me I say Chakwera will take the day. The LORD has already pointed his hand at Chakwera. Umm! it looks like the lock has been locked and the Cock is eating the maize ha ha ha. Don't worry what ever happens we are a GOD fearing country and GOD will give us a GOD fearing person to steer this country to prosperity. Oh yeah no violence will erupt here in Malawi we are a peaceful nation. The country is being given to rightful owners. No more crap from any of these politicians times are changing if you wanna last change with the times. A word of advise to Chakwera do not even think of accepting these washed up, recycled politicians we really want change. Now listen to the word of the LORD GOD Al Mighty he who made heavens and earth Chakwera is taking the day. GOD does not do anything without telling those that are his first. There you have it I'm no prophet but I am one of his people. GOD bless Malawi ans GOD bless you all.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Next President

Uumm sad really sad that some parties have started resorting to violence trying to intimidate others.The fact remains GOD will put who he wants I mean like the real GOD the one who made heavens and earth. Come to think of it you can beat people up but you can not force them to vote for you. Let all those concerned parties refrain from violence Malawians now have woken up from the slumber. Come on! let us show these politicians who is boss. I can already see most seating MP's not making it back to parliament. Really an MP only showing up time for campaign then disappears for the rest of his term. One sad thing is aspirants which are collecting lots of voter cards to influence the voting process. To be honest Joyce Bandas administration has been hit hard by the cash gate to win they may have to cheat but when the writing is on the wall only GOD knows who will win. There was a time that Christians prayed and fasted that the then UDF should not win the 2009 elections. But UDF won and Bakili Muluzi the chairman for UDF said christians who were busy fasting and praying you just wasted your time we UDF have won. Well he spoke too soon shortly the torch bearer of UDF president Bingu Wa Muthalika quit UDF started his own party UDF were no longer the governing party and the rest is history. This time GOD is going to surprise everyone with his choice and what he will do. GOD is Holy he hates robbers and thieves, need I say more. One thing I tell Malawians is that there will be no violence here in Malawi says the LORD GOD Almighty. These other so called prophets saying that there will be violence are not sent by LORD JESUS period. Don't take my word for it, just wait and see what will happen and you will see.

Friday, 14 March 2014

May Elections hots Up

First it was Cashgate then Jetgate then mortuarygate no Idea what next gate will be opened. I mean for a party that has an open lock as its symbol it is no wonder they are linked to this mess. You read the papers you can see the confusion the inaccuracies and outright lies. I bet The president is banking on the fact that no sitting president has ever lost an election. Of-course they rig the elections. I really am not sure rigging will work this time around. When people are fed up, they are fed up. Here in Malawi we say vote ndi ya chinsisi in plain English I can say it is just you and the ballot box come may.The good thing is no one sees who you chose. Oh yeah bet next will be votegate nd GOD know what. But the thing is when GOD puts his foot down it don't matter what you do you can not win, even if you rig. My advise chose wisely and make your voice heard. Malawi has come along way. We used to vote on regional grounds but I see it eroding soon we will be voting on substance. We are along way off from our fellow developed countries. We will get there sooner than later. Peoples Party, Democratic Progressive Party and United Democratic Front are parties dominated by people from the south which means that south will be split leaving the rest of the centre for MCP. It was an open secret that MCP royalists stoped voting for MCP because John Tembo was clinging to the top post. Now that he has left the party helm to a pastor that has made the election more interesting. Out of all presidential aspirants Chakwera for MCP has a clean record plus he is not a politician maybe just maybe he can help steer our country to prosperity. To top it up most Christians are behind him. In churches pastors are campaigning for him. Another advantage is that he has chosen a Northerner as his running mate while the PP has dumped a Northerner for a youthful running mate. That may backfire on PP, It is an open secret that Northerners are very territorial. Let us wait and see. Let GOD put who he wants to him be glory now and forever